Vol. 32: Google Updates, Travel Dreams and Your Monthly Marketing Blog Roundup

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What’s Happening at Eminent SEO

july4We are still working on the new Eminent SEO website design. It’s turned into a larger project scope than we originally planned. You know how these things go. First you want new design, then you realize you need fresh content, that leads to updated SEO and from there you need to rethink the entire website strategy. So, that’s just what we are doing! The initial designs are done and they are looking pretty snazzy! We can’t wait to share our new site with you!! Until then… enjoy our blog and never miss an update by following us on your favorite social platform. We are always on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Good to Know in SEO (RIGHT NOW)

“Google My Business” is Here

Just weeks ago Google announced the launch of their newest tool set/application “Google My Business”. So, what is it?

This suit of tools is intended to act like a one-stop shop for business owners to update their business information, read and respond to reviews, add or change photos and use Google+ (including the local place page/map section). This means any businesses currently using Places for Business (we still call this Google maps) will be upgraded to Google My Business.

One thing we’ve also noticed is that Google My Business gives you a much easier to use dashboard with integrations such as updating your Google+ URL, sharing a status on your Google+ page and key performance insights, which it didn’t have before.

If you’re an AdWords Express user this also provides you with a better understanding on how your business is found on Google through important trends like what the users are clicking on and where they are coming from.

The Android and iOS mobile apps are already available.

Introducing Google My Business (Video)

Google Drops Google+ Profile Photos and Circle Count from Authorship in Search Results

Although Google is calling this a “minor” change in the search results, anyone who’s worked hard on their Google authorship may not see it that way. Just a few days ago Google announced that they are dropping the profile photo and circle count from the search listings where Google Authorship is assigned to a listing.

Pulled from this Search Engine Land post by Barry Schwartz, here is the new design verses the old one:

NEW (No image, no circle count):

OLD (Author image, name+ circle count):

Note – Google Authorship has also been updated in the news results. It still contains a profile image, but it’s much smaller and the circle count has been dropped from there as well:

This rollout applies to desktop and mobile results.

To us it’s clear that the removal of the profile and the circle count will reduce the amount of visibility for the post. Why would Google do this now? What do you think?

June Photo A Day: Travel Dreams

It’s summer here in Arizona so you know what that means…. It’s HOT as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and all of us here at Eminent SEO can’t help but dream of all of the beautiful (and possibly cooler) places we could travel to this summer. For the month of June we shared our favorite travel destinations, below are a few of the highlights from the last month:

Mellifont Abbey is a ruined 12th-century Cistercian monastery near Monasterboice in County Louth. What a beautiful place to visit!

Sunrise over Llanganuco Valley, Cordillera Blanca, Peru. What a beautiful place this would be to wake up in!

London’s calling!

This is what summer in Norway looks like?! Sign us up!

Beautiful design and modern elegance make up the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Check out this dazzling double rainbow at the falls in Skogafoss, Iceland! Amazing!

What is your favorite vacation spot? What are your travel plans for this summer?

Marketing Blog Roundup

Algorithm Update Alert! Google Panda 4.0: The Good and The Bad
Google’s latest Panda update impacted a large number of websites negatively. Don’t be one of them! We think there are positive possibilities that could outcome from this update, as well as negative. Have you experienced backlash from this update or a positive increase in rankings?

Stop Trying To Track Keyword Rankings. It’s Dumb.
Still think tracking your organic keyword rankings in Google is a good metric? Well, this post is for you. Read this funny and insightful blog by our CEO Jenny Stradling.

Landing Page Optimization Checklist: Key Landing Page Must Have’s for Higher Conversion Rates
Struggling with which elements need to go on landing pages for higher conversion rates? Or are you just in need of a reminder? This blog post will give you the run down on the elements you should not forget to implement in your landing pages while entertaining you at the same time – enjoy!

5 Social Media Metrics to Track
Questioning which social media metrics to track to grow your content strategies? Here we provide you with what we believe are the most valuable social media metrics you should be tracking.

How to Brand a Product
Branding a product is similar to branding a business – however, there are some big differences. Get some invaluable tips to help you with branding and marketing your next big thing!

See Ya Online!

Whoa! A lot has been going on this last month! Soon it will be July, do you have any big plans to celebrate the 4th? All we can think about is cooler weather – you’ll probably find us in the pool, inside where there is AC or somewhere with an iced cold beer.

Until next time, see ya online

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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