Vol. 44: New Max Swag, Google News and Monthly Roundups

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Eminent SEO News: New Max Swag

max batman t-shirt - Eminent SEO
You know our brand mascot Max, right? Well, did you also know that we have a line of fun products you can purchase called “Max Swag”? Check out our online store for new Max Swag here. We have recently added some new items to our ever growing list. You can order a pre-made design or even request a custom design and we’ll do our best to create a fun Max Swag product for you.

Some fun products we’ve already created for our staff and Max fans:

A Max Baby Shirt:
max baby onesie - Eminent SEO
A Max and Owl Buddy Mug:
max + owl hoot mug - Eminent SEO
A Max Video Game T-Shirt:
max video game t-shirt - Eminent SEO
Which Max Swag design is your favorite?

Good To Know In SEO: Study Derides Google’s Biased Search Results

You may think that Google is just philanthropically helping users find the best content by search terms, but a recent study not only concludes that the search engine giant not only is partial to how some items are ranked, but that such biased results often harm users. This phenomenon especially was evident in local search, particularly in Google’s Local OneBox, as businesses that happen to occupy that space all are implicitly required to have Google+ Local pages.

The study, published by Yelp’s data science team and conducted by researchers at the Harvard Business School and Columbia Law School, comes on the heels of the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into Google. The investigation supports the notion that Google’s search algorithms often hurt competitors at the expense of customers. Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern has more on the scathing study.

June Eminent SEO Social Media Roundup

In June on our social media accounts, we celebrated big holidays like Father’s Day, and we had several odes to the weekend, a much-needed time of Zen before a bustling work week. Check out the highlights of our social media posts from the past month. Which image or message is your favorite?


fathers day - Eminent Social Media



hello monday work week - ESEO

June Marketing Blog Roundup

Every month, we like to round up the most essential blog posts from the Eminent family of websites. In June, we offered Twitter and Facebook marketing advice, and we even answered an all-important question for businesses that own several web domains. Check out the top blog posts from last month below, and keep following our blog for helpful marketing tips and industry news.

How To Use Twitter For Your Business Without Sounding Spammy

Twitter has emerged as the No. 1 social media platform for sales prospecting, but many businesses, especially small ones, are having trouble generating much interaction on the micro-blogging site. Get some ideas here on how and what should you tweet on behalf of your business in order to gain and maintain a following.

Dedicated Name Servers and IP Addresses: What is Best for SEO?

Is it OK as a business to host numerous websites on the same server and under the same IP address? Will it harm the search engine visibility for each of them? Keep reading to find out the answers to these crucial questions.

Is It Still Worth It For Your Business To Stay Active On Facebook?

Facebook’s audience seems to be skewing older, and reports have emerged over the last couple of years that teens and millennials are ditching the social network in droves. But are they? Find out how dire the situation is for Facebook – if at all – and learn more about how you business’ social media strategy should adjust.

How To Brand Yourself On Social Media

As far as branding your company, can you just create a logo and call it a day? How does written communication play a role in how your company brands itself online and on social media? Get some ideas in this blog post on how to make your brand stand out.

Featured Service: Website Management

Did you know that Eminent SEO offers professional webmaster retainer services?

A website is a living thing. It requires regular front and backend updates in order to remain relevant, up to date and secure. Our Website Management and Maintenance Services offer everything from monthly website backups and security updates to custom website changes to your content, images and video.
Unsecure Website Hacked - Eminent SEO
If you need an experienced developer to manage your website, give us a call: 800.871.4130.

Until next time, see ya online!

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