Vol. 48: ESEO Promotion, Google’s Addition to Algorithm, Blog and Social Roundups

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Kirstin Douglas - Director Account Management - Eminent SEOA job at Eminent SEO provides ample opportunity for career growth. Kirstin Douglas is the latest employee to actualize this. Last week, Kirstin was promoted from a Senior Account Manager to the Director of Account Management. Kirstin’s duties now include:

  • Defining business strategies by applying knowledge based on customer markets.
  • Being responsible for retention and growth of the existing client base through individual efforts and efforts of the account management team to deliver profitable quality service.
  • Managing client assignments.
  • Building strong customer relationships.
  • Being familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures.
  • Relying on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
  • Leading and directs the work of others.
  • Using a wide degree of creativity and latitude.
  • Reporting to top management.

Kirstin has been a rock star for us, and will get an even bigger chance to shine in her new role. Congrats, Kirstin! You can get to better know Kirstin by checking out her bio page here.

What’s New in SEO: Meet RankBrain, the Newest Addition to Google’s Search Algorithm

Recently, Bloomberg Business had the scoop on Google’s new search results-processing technology, called RankBrain. The new system is a form of artificial intelligence, meaning it can build upon what it already knows, rather than needing a human to guide it each step of the way.

RankBrain is just one part of Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm, to the best of Search Engine Land’s understanding, and it doesn’t handle all searches. As a reminder, a search algorithm is a system that processes search queries and combs through billions web pages in order to rank the best ones first. Essentially, Rank Brain is doing some of the heavy lifting for the algorithm, automating part of the process for Google’s experts.

A senior research scientist at Google said RankBrain is the third-most important signal when it comes to ranking web pages. What are the first two? Google won’t reveal. Check out Search Engine Land’s FAQ article to find out all that has been revealed about RankBrain to this point.

October Social Media Roundup

Eminent SEO’s October was all about getting ready for Halloween, celebrating our sixth anniversary, and attending Pubcon Las Vegas. Immediately below are the highlights of all of our social media posts from October. To see more of what we learned at Pubcon Las Vegas, check out our CEO Jenny Stradling’s Twitter timeline for her live tweets during the Pubcon sessions. Also, scroll down to the “Blog Roundup” section of this newsletter to find the link to account manager Lacey Chic’s in-depth write-up on “The Future of SEO,” as predicted by Pubcon presenters.

Max Shirts - PubCon - Team Eminent SEOThe Hoth - PubCon - Eminent SEO

Happy Halloween - Monsters - Eminent SEOHappy Halloween - Monsters - Eminent Social MediaLIke Old Picture - Michael Myers - ESMSEOs Celebrate Halloween - Panda And Penguin - ESEOHalloween Cat Costumes - Eminent SEO

October Marketing Blog Roundup

Searching for tips on how to boost your business, especially when it comes to social media, your website and your overall brand? Look to the blogs on our Eminent family of sites for valuable tips, tricks, how-to’s and SEO news. Catch up on the best of our October blog posts below. If you haven’t already, visit the Eminent SEO blog and click on “Subscribe.”

Understanding the Future of SEO: What to Expect in 2016 and Beyond

Going to Pubcon gave us a lot to chew on, as the world of search and users’ habits are constantly changing. Not to mention, there is just so much that goes into best SEO practices. Check out this blog post to see our many takeaways from Pubcon Las Vegas and to get a preview of the future of SEO.

Ad Blocking is Changing up the Marketing Game

Read about how more and more people are blocking online advertisements, plus how much the practice is costing the advertising industry in lost revenue. If you have a website that relies on hosting ads, check out this blog post for some ideas on how to make up for lost revenue due to the rise of ad blocking.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Business?

Do you run a business and handle your company’s own social media in your spare moments? Or, are several people on your team expected to help you run your business’s social accounts, even though nobody is technically the manager? If your business meets the four conditions explained in this blog post, it’s time to put out a help wanted ad for a highly qualified social media manager.

Is A Logo A Brand?

A business’s logo is not a brand in itself, is it? Find out the role a logo plays in a brand, plus what goes into a logo and how the image should align with the company’s industry and customer base.

Featured Service: Company Branding

You may have put together a logo quickly and gotten your business off the ground, but have you established a brand? Does the average person recognize your brand when they see your employees’ uniforms or any company vehicles? Or, do online users recognize your logo and know what your brand is about?

Your company’s logo, color scheme, website design and even custom symbols and images play a role in the overall brand. If you don’t have a true brand strategy in place, Eminent SEO can step in and help out. Our marketing and design experts can take your existing brand strategy and make it stronger, or we can build a new identity from scratch. When you contact Eminent SEO for branding help, the measures we’ll take include:

  • Auditing your brand and current strategy.
  • Refining collateral related to your brand.
  • Designing and developing a new logo.
  • Marketing your new brand.
  • Managing the reputation of your brand.

Importance Of Online Branding - Eminent SEO

If you’re ready to build a rock-solid, recognizable brand with help from a team of seasoned marketers, learn more on our Website and Business Branding Services page, or call us right now: 800.871.4130.

Until next time, see ya online!

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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