Vol. 54: Eminent Team Member Gets Married; Can You Post Straight to Google Search Now?

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Eminent SEO News: Introducing Mrs. Bertnick

Eminent SEO Account Manager Lacey Chic is now Lacey Bertnick, after getting married in Gold Canyon, Arizona on the first weekend of April. They had a beautiful wedding and then took their honeymoon the following week in Napa Valley. So, by extension, Joe Bertnick is now part of the Eminent SEO family. Congratulations, Lacey and Joe!
Lacey Joe Bertnick Wedding Arizona - Eminent SEO
If you’ve worked with Lacey as your account manager, be sure to note her surname change, and feel free to send her your best wishes on her new life venture. In fact, drop us a note anytime: hello@eminentseo.com.

What’s New in SEO: New Google Feature Allows Content to Be Posted Straight to SERPs

The Wall Street Journal recently reported Google has been testing out a feature that lets certain entities post straight to search engine results pages (SERPs) for select terms. Apparently, Google starting testing this feature in January, but eventually opened it up to some marketers, media companies, political campaigns and small businesses.

Using a web-based interface, some organizations are submitting content directly to Google that will show up on the first page of a SERP. Most of the examples of the new, unnamed feature are very short in web copy, but the Wall Street Journal reported these posts can be nearly 15,000 characters in length and can include links and as many as 10 images or videos.

These content pages, hosted by Google, can also easily be shared to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Google has issued a statement saying it is still experimenting with “the look and feel of this feature,” as well as looking for additional cases in which it can be used.

A prime example of who’s using this feature already is the team at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” If you do a search for Kimmel himself or his show, you will see Google-hosted content submitted by the show host’s team. Here is an example in mobile search:
Jimmy Kimmel Google Search Results - ESEO
And here is what one of those pages look like if you click to see the full post (look for the share icon near the bottom):
Jimmy Kimmel Post Straight To Google Search - ESEO
To see more about this new feature, read the full Wall Street Journal report.

How Does This Content Differ from AMPs?

Perhaps you remember Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) feature that we wrote about two newsletters ago. The content that can now be posted directly to Google looks incredibly similar to AMPs on a search results page, but the two are definitely not the same.

Both features appear to the user as visual carousels that they can scroll through. However, AMPs are stripped-down versions (code-wise) of content hosted on various news sites. Google saves a copy on an AMP on its own systems, but the content still isn’t directly hosted by the search engine. Meanwhile, the search engine is actually hosting all of the submitted content for this latest SERP feature.

Certain searches will return both an AMP carousel and this new Google-hosted content, as you can see in the Kimmel example above. If you want to join a wait list so you too can post directly to the Google search results, see here.

April Social Media Roundup

On our social media accounts, we tried a few new things in April. In addition to sharing some motivational quotes and eye-catching images, we aimed to lead users to important SEO and marketing articles while adding value to what we shared. You can especially see this strategy on our Twitter timeline. If you haven’t followed us there yet, we invite you to do so now. To see highlights from all of our social profiles last month, see below.

No Weapon More Deadly Than The Will - Bruce Lee - ESEORemove Those Links - Taken - ESEO

Happy Earth Day Whiteboard Drawing - Eminent SEO

April Blog Roundup

On the Eminent SEO blog in April we continued to explore topics with more depth than ever before. We first assessed the value of content marketing and gave you advice on how to find such a specialist, and then we looked at outbound linking strategies and how Google is increasingly targeting suspicious links. And finally, we switched gears a bit and took a look at internet addiction: how it’s characterized, how common it is, plus how it can be treated. See an overview of our April blog posts below, or click here to see the blog in its entirety and to subscribe.

Why Your Team Needs a Qualified Content Marketer, Plus How to Find the Right One

Many companies claim to do content marketing, but how many of them do it well? This post will give you advice on the process you should put in place in order to find and determine who is a highly qualified content marketer.

Google’s Message Is Clear: Review and Clean Up Your Website’s Outbound Links

Early in April, Google started penalizing certain websites for “unnatural outbound links.” We eventually figured out that the penalty was handed out to product-review sites that had traded links for free items. Even if that doesn’t apply to your website, it’s still high time to review and clean up your outbound links. See this post for how to do it.

What Are The Consequences and Prevalence of Internet Addiction?

People may joke that they’re addicted to social media or online video games, and others may not really think anything of it. Well, internet addiction is a certifiable medical condition, and it’s even considered a disorder in some countries. See what the signs of internet addiction are, how prevalent it is, plus where to find treatment.

May’s Featured Service: Keyword Research

All great digital marketing campaigns begin with the right research. Eminent SEO understands how important data-based keyword recommendations are to the success of your marketing strategies. We perform in-depth keyword discovery and research before making keyword suggestions for website SEO, content, social posts, blog posts, AdWords Campaigns and more.

Keyword research is an important aspect to the foundational work we perform in the set-up phase. Without important data, such as estimated monthly search volumes and levels of difficulty, you are really flying blind.
Solid Keyword Strategy More Traffic - Eminent SEO
Our keyword research goes well beyond the initial marketing strategy development phase. Each month, we review the key performance indicators associated with your campaign. When we discover underperforming keywords, we analyze why and update our strategies accordingly. This type of campaign analysis is one of the main reasons so many of our clients are experiencing marketing ROI of 300% and higher!

If you’re ready to build a custom keyword strategy and crush the competition, learn about our SEO Keyword Research Services here, or call 800.871.4130 and talk to one of our account managers about getting started.

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