Website Speed Achieves Overall Goals: Conversions & Satisfaction

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We live in a “now society” and we all seem to want instant gratification and when we visit websites we expect the site to load ASAP or we hit the back button or do another Google search. We keep doing this until we find another website that does deliver content we are seeking that has speed and relevance.

The problem with website speed becomes pretty technical pretty fast. The good news is that usually speed can be had pretty fast and at a fairly cost effective rate. Just some of the factors to consider when optimizing our websites for speed are:

• Website Host
• Enabling Compression
• Browser Caching
• Content Delivery Network
• Compressible Text
• Persistent Connections
• Combining Static CSS and Javascript Files
• Proper Cookie Usage
• Minimize Redirects
• Etc

Many studies have been commissioned supporting the speed argument. Even Google has been calculating site speed and incorporating it into the organic and Adwords rankings. If this is so then why aren’t more of us paying attention to this critical factor? Maybe because it is not clearly as visible ad content or links?

There are a couple of useful tools that you can use to check your website speed.

In the 2011 – 2012 Webreep Online Consumer Behavior Report they rate Trust, Website Attractiveness and Webspeed as the primary factors for online consumers.  Website speed is fairly easy to calculate this is why is it so easy to do.   Website trust and attractiveness are much more subjective.

In terms of website trust it makes sense to get testimonials, trust icons, link out to authority sites like the BBB and have quality incoming links.  Website attractiveness is all well and good but there has to be some meat under the skin.  Paying attention to your website is like maintaining your car it is not a lot of fun but they both can take you places if you treat them well.

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