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It’s our goal here at Eminent SEO to keep you in the know on SEO, marketing, social media and what’s happening in the Eminent offices.

SEO Roundup

Does Google consider SEO to be spam?Does Google consider SEO to be spam?
Google Webmaster, Matt Cutts gave some great insight in regards to this topic and we’d thought we’d give you some basic pointers on the positives of SEO. First off, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which really means trying to make sure that your pages are well represented within search engines. We give you some positive White-Hat methods to SEO that you should be utilizing in your practice and answer the question to if Google considers SEO to be SPAM… Read More

The Evolution of the Web
Marvel at this beautiful, informative, AND interactive infographic of the Internet’s history…

Tracking the KPIs of social media
Quantifying the effectiveness of social media isn’t always straightforward, is it? Rand gives concrete ideas on what you can do to track performance….

The Long Tail in Web 2.0 MarketingThe Long Tail in Web 2.0 Marketing
A common term used in web 2.0 marketing these days is “long tail.” What the heck is it, and how does it impact your business and how do you incorporate this into a web marketing plan? Are you utilizing Long Tail and Short tail keywords within your SEO campaigns? Find out some helpful answers to improve your web 2.0 marketing and more in our blog… Read More

Link Decay and Equity Preservation
Why is link decay important, and how do you prevent your best links from dropping off the face of the Web?…

Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data
+1 for crowdsourcing the fight against web spam!…

Social Media Roundup

A LOT is happening in Social Media right now! Star Padilla, our Social Media Director, put together the top 4 Social Media highlights from the last month:

Facebook Comments Now Being Indexed by Google
Facebook comments are being crawled (and ranking) in Google’s SERPs …

Nearly half of Small Businesses use Social Media Marketing
Check out the results of this Demand Quest survey…

5 Social Media Habits to drop5 Social Media Habits to drop
Are you guilty of some bad social media practices? Do you Auto Follow or Auto Direct Message your followers? Ever lost your cool and got emotionally upset with someone? Are you one of those individuals who retweets every praise you get? Cut it out! Check out our 5 Social Media Habits to drop and what positive reinforcement to follow. Take the time and consideration to remember these Don’t Do’s in your social media platforms the reward could be quite great!… Read More

Klout Releases New Scoring Model
This represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history…

4 Steps to Selling with Social Media
If you want to improve your ROI (return on investment) you need to make sure to include these 4 components…

What’s New at Eminent SEO:

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Holiday Package #2
Mixed Social Platform Linking

800 links from a variety of social media, blog and “real-time” media locations, from:

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  • Twitter
  • Google +

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Holiday Package #3
Mixed Page Ranking One Way and Blog Review Links

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