The Joint Commission Badge Equals Trust for your Website

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Once a health care provider is accredited by The Joint CommissionThe Joint Commission Badge one of the benefits is the provider will be able to proudly display the Joint Commission badge on their website. Not just any business can get a Joint Commission badge it has to be earned. There are several criteria that have to be met to earn the Joint Commission distinction.

The value of being accredited by a third party like The Joint Commission is that there are experts who provide impartial evaluations on the quality of care, treatment and services that the treatment center is providing. Because the patient or the patient’s family don’t purchase this type of healthcare like they do food or clothes it helps having experts do the evaluation on the center so the families don’t have to.

In providing badges or trust icons it immediately tells the user that they are not just on any old website they are on a professional services authority website. The people behind the business have put in their training and expertise to earn the badges. At the end of the day we know that the trust icons help convert visit to call ratios.

In the addiction treatment field having several supporting trust icons especially from places like The Joint Commission and HON Code it will only help boost your position of authority to the website visitor. Being a direct marketing professional I can tell you that the single biggest converting factors for any business online or offline is TRUST.

Think about it for a minute, if you are searching for a drug rehab for a family member and had to review a bunch of websites, would you rather read some marketing copy from the treatment center’s marketing team or would you rather know that they have 3rd party validation from places like The Joint Commission or testimonials from past clients/patients singing their praises?

Bottom line: If you are in the Health Care space you should become accredited by The Joint Commission and proudly display the badge on your site for improved trust which leads to better website conversions.

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