Volume 128: The Latest Google News

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The Latest Google News

The Latest Google News

Hi There Readers!

It’s been a heck of a last month as Google rolled out several algorithm updates. Combine that with news from the Google’s Search On conference held last week and there is a lot to fill you in on from the world of SEO.

The Latest from Google? Quality Content Continues to Reign Supreme

Google’s latest updates make it harder for low-quality content to rank well in search results across many verticals.

In the last 3 years, Google faced one indexing issue after the other, making frequent algorithm updates to try to combat low quality content. As the amount of content on the internet continues to grow, Google is looking for ways to save their crawl and indexing resources. Low quality content just isn’t going to cut it. Writing about a product you haven’t tried, using boring content, or targeting low-competition keywords isn’t an SEO strategy.
A Timeline of Digital Marketing Over the Last Decade

10 Announcements From Google Search On 22

On September 28th Google held their annual Search On event, here’s a recap:

1. Expanded Multisearch

Google is expanding multisearch (search with both images and text at the same time), to 70 new languages in the coming months. Google launched multisearch last year for English and U.S.-based queries.

2. New “Near Me” Feature

Multisearch’s “near me” feature allows users to find products locally with the help of an image. Search the web with your photo. Even better – get local results.

3. Crisper Google Lens Text

Google Lens allows you to point your camera at any text and have it instantly translated. The translated text is now crisper and more blended.

4. iOS App Shortcuts

Google’s search app now has shortcuts, making search, translation, voice search, and uploading easier and more accessible.

5. Refined Search

Search refinements are now integrated with Google’s autocomplete feature (as well as within search results). As you type, Google will present tappable words to add to your query. The top search bar will be more dynamic.

6. Added Visuals

Search will render more visuals for queries than ever before. Destinations, celebs, animals, plant species, etc. will have added visual aspects present in search results, including stories, video clips, tips, things to do, and more, with relevant text highlighted.

7. Explore More

Let’s face it. Sometimes, Google’s results aren’t an exact match with our intentions. So, Google search will offer-up a new explore feature that allows searchers to pivot and take the original search in a different direction.

8. Added Discussion and More Forums

Google is toying with a new feature for the U.S. English users. This will aid in getting information on topics from forums, such as Reddit.

9. Translated Local and World News

Next year, Google will allow users to access local to world news in a translated fashion. Machine translation will provide headlines from across the globe.

10. Expanded “About this result”

Are your search results personalized? Well, you can further look into it by accessing the “about this result” feature. Google will show if the results are personalized at all. Also, you can decide to turn off personalization or modify.

Jenny Stradling Eminent SEO CEO

We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of the Google Search On event. Which new feature are you most looking forward to?

Until next time readers,

Jenny Stradling… er, Weatherall (what, I’m still working on my name change…)


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