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Facebook Launches the ‘Timeline’ [updated]

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Facebook announced the “Timeline” design in September and for those who were eager and antsy who wanted first dibs at it, signed up for the developer test run. The Facebook network of 800 million members will have the opportunity to convert their profiles today. The official roll out will go live December 22nd, but you [...]
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Eminent SEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 2

It’s our goal here at Eminent SEO to keep you in the know on SEO, marketing, social media and what’s happening in the Eminent offices. SEO Roundup: SEO and marketing tactics, tools and best practices can change daily! Over the last month, here are the main things we think you need to know in SEO: [...]
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Eminent SEO.com Monthly Newsletter Vol 1

Welcome to the VERY FIRST EDITION of the Team Eminent SEO Newsletter…. YAY! Since this is our first newsletter, we are still going to have some tweaking to do before it’s just right, so we welcome your feedback, ideas and comments here: hello@eminentseo.com (P.S. You can send us special requests for blog posts for the Eminent SEO Blog [...]
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A Note From the CEO…

We are so excited to announce the launch (finally) of EminentSEO.com !!! For the last few years we’ve been working our behinds off so we could provide you with a strong product and service fulfilled by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. We feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with [...]
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