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Web Copy Is Like ‘Show and Tell’ for Your Readers

Content needs to shift almost as fast as lightning, almost. But lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Web content does, daily. At least that’s what every business owner hopes – to have multiple hits on their web presence from the same user. Content trends indicate that the possibility is more than likely. The [...]
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Writer By Day, Writer By Night: 6 Tips for Balancing Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

During my undergraduate years at the University of Arizona, my writing professors constantly warned me and my classmates about the risk of writing as a day job. They cautioned us against living a double life as a writer. They told us to stay wary of burnout and losing our way as artists, suggesting that this [...]
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What You Need To Do About Google Authorship Right Now

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Have you seen those little pictures of people’s faces just to the left of the search results?  You know, like the one you see below: That nifty little photo there looks cool when you go through the search engine results, but it does much more than that. In one case, for example, Copyblogger noted some [...]
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