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What Marketers Can Learn from the Top 5 Viral Facebook Live Videos of 2016

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Just a little over year ago, Facebook Live went viral. The service allows users to broadcast video from their phone where it can be viewed and commented on in real time by friends on Facebook. After the live recording is complete, the video can be viewed, liked and commented on – just like regular videos [...]
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What Killed the Vine App – Or Is There Still Some Hope Left for It?

What Caused Vine to Wither? Social media has exploded since the mid-2000s, when Facebook began to rise to prominence. The social landscape changes every day, with old apps and platforms giving way to new technologies and services. This was certainly the case for Vine, a Twitter-owned video-sharing service that appears to be on its way [...]
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Dedicated Name Servers and IP Addresses: What is Actually Best for SEO?

This conversation never seems to get old in the SEO industry. Everyone seems to have a separate opinion about what is best for SEO purposes and how Google can associate multiple sites on a single server. Is it OK to have multiple sites on the same server with the same IP address? Well, let’s find [...]
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Happy 15th Birthday to Google

Google – Are You Really 15 Already? Believe it or not, this Friday, September 27th marks the 15th birthday of Google!  For a search engine, that’s like being a 90-year-old human. Because it serves up the search results better than any other search engine currently available, Google has a dominant position in the marketplace.  How [...]
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How Writers Can Make Their Services More Desirable

Being a writer has never been the easiest job. Even throughout history, when books were the most popular media format, writers often struggled to prove their worth as a writer to publishers, editors, and even their general audiences. Today, as print media is quickly becoming outdated and obsolete, many writers are struggling more than ever [...]
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Making the Most of Communication Technology

Text messaging, online interaction and mobile media have already transformed the ways we communicate. The Pew Research Center reports that 56% of Americans now own smartphones. On an average day, 36.6 billion messages are sent via SMS-text message or chat apps like iMessage and WhatsApp. By 2014, that number is expected to surpass 50 billion [...]
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