Vol. 88: Try These 5 Actionable Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

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Vol. 88

Careful How Your Webpages Lead, They May Not Follow

User behavior in any given target audience is often difficult to define, because consumers are always redefining what they’re interested in and how they act on it. As marketers, it can make us pull the hair out of our heads (that is, if we have any left).

To get a better grasp on digital marketing strategies and how to make websites and landing pages more effective, we decided to dive deep behind the façade of the screen and examine the methods behind the messaging.

What seems to be the crux of many a problem in conversion rates is that the information provided to the user doesn’t convey what’s “in it for them”.

Today’s user experience isn’t just about meeting them where they are in their personal or business sales journey, it’s about convincing them that whatever you have they need, NOW, the tangible and intangible. Unfortunately, this can’t be accomplished by relying on digital intuitiveness alone. This is when creative content creation, design display, and time-sensitive offers come in to play. Do it all right, and you are winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

You might still be convinced that you’re following best practices to increase rates of conversions. But something’s amiss. Remember, what is trending today is gone tomorrow. This is why we recommend basing your web presence on the best of what you have to offer and presenting it in a manner that resonates with trends and tried and true tradition.

When you execute digital strategies in this manner, should the trends change (and that’s what they do) your messaging won’t be completely off target.

Here Are 5 Less Known Strategies That Convert:

  1. Choose Your Words Carefully. Consumers today are natural born skeptics. Just because marketers tell them to do something doesn’t mean they’ll comply. Give them a compelling reason to act. And if you throw in a word or phrase that reminds them that what you have to offer is exciting, fresh, or the next greatest thing to sliced-gluten-free-bread, you’re golden. And the word free doesn’t hurt either.
  2. Use CTAs with FOMO. Call-to-actions are best voiced when it answers the when and why of a campaign. For example, most people won’t come in for a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone just because it’s offered. But, if you are providing this free offer to celebrate the first day of Spring, you give people a reason to blow their weight loss diet plan. And yes, there’s that free thing again.
  3. Start Social Prospecting. As long as you’re putting your best face on social media, do more than wait for followers to come to you. Now you can troll for them. Inbound marketers know this well: by hunting down potential prospects where they live on social channels, you’ll learn how to bring them to your site.
  4. Test Usability. Sometimes it’s what you say that sends a user elsewhere. Sometimes it’s how you said it – the tone, the color, the layout, or even the size and placement of a CTA button. Not sure what’s wrong? Face reality (as painful as it may be) by adding A/B testing to your pages. It’ll help distinguish what small changes are needed to get conversions on track.
  5. Location, Location, Location. Make your landing pages move to where the user is. With dynamic landing pages, your product or service is seen by a web user and includes location-specific information, making the consumer-product connection instantaneously easier, increasing the rate of conversion.

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Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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