Vol. 101: Design Trends Giving You the Feels in 2020

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Vol 101

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If you’ve ever taken an entry-level reading, writing, or speaking class, the terms “logos, ethos, and pathos” have likely been drilled into your head. Representing logic, ethics, and emotion, respectively, these three keys to unlocking the gift of persuasion were supposed to be able to sway others to your opinion with ease.

Who’d have thought you’d be right back here, years later?

Well, besides the ancient Greeks (who used the word “pathos” as one of three artistic proofs and a key point in the rhetorical persuasive triangle) – those of us in design and marketing circles still utilize emotion every single day.

In fact, emotion is one of the strongest persuasive elements you’ll find in design. Certain color choices and design elements appeal directly to the pathos of your audience – and they do so subtly, engaging throughout the user journey. In the end, that makes for a more visceral connection with your brand and a competitive advantage for you.

So, how can you wield this power for yourself? Check out this list of design trends that are giving us (and your audience) the feels:


Classic Blue. Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is timeless. Simple, yet elegant, true blue is also the age-old color of loyalty and stability. It’s everything the world needs right now and an ideal color to inspire feelings of safety and dependability.


Gradients. Say what you want about these attention-grabbing hue transitions, in 2020, they’re so much more than your WordArt fill of choice. The best ones evoke thoughts of an inspirational sunrise or a peaceful sunset and can be used as a background to transfer those very emotions to your users.

Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations

Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations. The trend of abstract or dreamy illustrations exaggerates the concept by pushing the boundary even further by using unrealistic proportions, placement or color. This can be a great way to engage the user by giving them something visually interesting to break up long-form content.

Modern Art Deco

Modern Art Deco. Art Deco is so 1920s; but perhaps it’s no coincidence the trend has made its way back around – albeit in updated fashion – in the 2020s. Sleek, graceful and elegant, 2020s Art Deco inspires your users to feel just that right mix of sophisticated and wealthy.

Bold and simplistic

Bold and simplistic. Whether we’re talking fonts, graphics, or your products themselves, there’s something to be said for being straightforward. In 2020, we’re finding that bold, clear design elements evoke feelings of trust, clarity, and just enough confidence to ring true to users searching for brands they can rely on.

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