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Google Reduces 7-Pack in Search to 3-Pack: What This Means for Local Businesses

Among all the changes happening at Google, the tech giant made a significant shakeup in local search earlier this month that kind of went under the radar. For starters, the company separated Google+ from YouTube, meaning you no longer have to have a G+ account to log in to YouTube. Then, Google+ Photos starting shutting [...]
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Why Your Local Business Needs a Google+ Place Page

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Even though Google+ is the second largest social network (still way behind Facebook), that’s not the main reason your business should be active on the platform. Users spend less than 7 minutes per month on the social network. So why even get active on Google+ if millions of people sign up for it but never [...]
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Alert For Fake Reviews on Yelp

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In an effort to crack down on fake reviews, Yelp announced a new consumer alert label in their blog last year that would appear on pages of businesses who were caught buying reviews (as shown below). “We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews…” Consumers also had the ability to click on the alert and see [...]
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