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A/B Testing Cracks the Code of Online Intelligence

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A-B Testing Code Of Online Intelligence - Eminent SEO

Digital marketing is a wide-open, challenging space. For business owners, advertising and editorial campaigns are the fruit of sales initiatives meant to entice audiences and feed their hunger for products or services. Will they bite? It depends – on a lot of unknowns.

Marketing plans, in their infancy, are like seedlings: tiny, thought-provoking concepts that require warmth, love and attention to reach their full potential.

In the earliest stages of development, online presence is a collaborative process using the talents of web developers, content strategists, graphic designers, writers and more. There many human touchpoints along the way, though each embraces a common fear: the unknown.

Who is our audience?
What if our brand has no appeal?
What if the messaging is off target?
What do customers care about today, tomorrow or at 6:32 p.m. on Thursday night?

With the best marketing director, creative director and product managers that money can buy, no marketing campaign can bank on success before it happens. How do you know what creative strategy and market positioning is guaranteed to work? You don’t. But here’s where you’ll find the clues.

The Benefits Behind A/B Testing

A-B Testing Nutures Your Baby - Max Monster Egg - ESEOIf you’ve never considered adding A/B testing to your marketing plan execution, it will provide more clarity than you might think. A/B testing could also bring more questions to light, but there’s clarity in that too.

Time efficient? Cost effective? Boosts ROI? Definitively.

Perhaps you’ve tried A/B testing before but weren’t happy with the results. Isn’t that the point though?

Digital A/B testing measures more of what you need to know and streamlines marketing efforts. It forces you to delve deeper into the details of your product or service offering, audience, brand and goals. A/B testing allows creative ideation to meet with user reality – and that’s the sweet spot.

There are added benefits to ongoing A/B testing as it helps you keep a pulse on your audience and if or when your business garners relevance.

Online Marketing Without A/B Testing Is Like Target-Shooting Blind

Doing digital A/B testing measures more of the efficacies in new product or service launches and is highly recommended, even for a soft launch. Unless you’d rather bite your nails to the quick, suffer from a bad case of insomnia, take your chances on performance, and pray you still have a job when the campaign goes sideways.

Your vision for success is only as clear as the ability to target succinctly and deliver. Everything else is noise. A/B campaign rolling is the only fair and true test to measure creative messaging and audience engagement.

Know-It-Alls: Digital A/B Testing Measures More than Ego

There’s a sanctity in “being right.” Coming up with award-winning creative messaging might get you kudos from your industry peers but if it doesn’t convert your audience to act, it is so wrong.

Business-minded narcissists and braggarts can use the A/B online platform to measure just how right they are. But digital A/B testing measures more than ego. When ideas align with A/B measured results, you show a knack for marketing intuitiveness and then have just cause to say, “I told you so.”

A/B Test Everything, Often

As consumer wants and needs change with the tide of online influences, so too should your marketing outreach. What works in the summer of 2017 will most likely vary greatly from what works the winter of 2018. A/B testing allows you to stay current and top-of-mind.

To better understand the basic process of A/B testing, use the following steps as a mental illustration.

A/B Testing Mental Process:

  1. Pick a product or service
  2. Decide what you’re testing for
  3. Forecast the right answer/approach (ego ergo here)
  4. Predict the anticipated response
  5. Live with the truth and consequences
  6. Adjust where needed
  7. Test again

The knowledge you can acquire through A/B testing is astounding. You can even generate love, at first sight.

A/B Testing Gives You a Second Chance at First Impressions and More

A-B Tests Can Measure Audience Design CTAs - Eminent SEOIt’s been said that you can never get a second chance at making a good first impression. With A/B testing, you can in five seconds.

The right messaging entails many variables. Focus on who will receive the messaging, and that should dictate design and layout, colorization, verbiage and tone, and the call-to-actions applied.

With A/B testing, you can alter any single aspect of your messaging to discover what works best.

If you’re not sure of who your target audience is or if your business has multiple types of consumers and prospects, A/B testing is the perfect forum to segment your market reach through:

  • Demographics
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Education
    • Average household income
  • Psychographics
    • Personality
    • Values
    • Opinions
    • Attitudes
    • Interests
    • Lifestyles
  • Geotargeting

It’s a Matter of Time

Keep in mind that some user behavior is a direct result of predictable timing. You can use this to your advantage during A/B testing.

For example, industries that are entertainment-centric would probably fare better by marketing on Thursdays when consumers are thinking about the weekend. If your luxury product offering might appeal to middle America, A/B test its marketability within two days of the 15th or 30th of the month (paydays).

Finding Value in Pricing

Price points can dictate a do-or-die success rate for a product launch or rebrand campaign. To get a better idea of what monetary number consumers will accept or reject as a purchase point, explore your options with A/B testing.

Use the other elements of measurability:

  • Messaging
  • Audience
  • Timing
  • How they create a consumer’s perceived value

This type of value is then weighted against competitors’ offerings, product benefits, misgivings and price.

Choose focal points that promote your value and segment them within the A and B rollout. Note the psychology behind numbers and how they affect human behavior. For most people, $39.99 is more pleasing than a $40.00 price point.

SEO Makes It Easier on You and Your Audience

Why not give consumers what they’re searching for? If they don’t know you exist, how can they find you? Instill A/B varied keyword campaigns to find out what people are looking for. You’ll gain important insights as to what consumers want and how they look for it online.

A Good Approach Sets Up a Smooth Landing

Pay-per-click ads and social media posts aren’t the only places that A/B testing can prove to be constructive. As long as you’re evaluating the strength of the initial ad or post, complete the campaign assessment by A/B testing the corresponding landing pages.

Use the same seven-step mental process shown earlier in this article as a guide to formulate variances in landing pages. You may want to do two sets of the testing, A/B and A/B, to measure the performance of banner designs, headlines or call-to-actions.

To read more about A/B testing and other optimization tips for landing pages, click the button below:
Read 8 Tips for PPC Landing Pages

The Patience and Virtue of 90 Days

A-B Tests Take 90-Plus Days For Results - Eminent SEOIt might be asking a lot of anyone to exercise patience in the creation, execution and measurement of digital content. Consider this: Just because user behavior indicates impulsivity at a click or swipe doesn’t mean the artists behind the content should be just as reactionary, though the attraction to do so is understandable.

Let’s say you’ve worked hard on every aspect of a given product launch. You launch the online campaign. You’re not getting the anticipated results, even with A/B testing.

Give it time. Oh the difference 90 days can make to judge marketing effectiveness, engagement and conversion rates.

Consumers’ interests ebb and flow with pop culture trends, seasonal changes, employment adjustments and the best reason of all: just because. Your business representation online should be solid. If your digital presence shifted as quickly as consumer interest, you’ll find that it’s hard to tell what’s working and what isn’t. It might feel as though you’re spitting into the wind. Only you know where that spit’s been.

Give your current marketing campaigns three months to season. If they’re not bringing you the results you’d hoped for, there’s no reason to start from scratch. Make small changes to what you already have, then A/B test again and run those versions live for another 45 days.

A/B Testing Refines Virtual Imperfections

In the quest for perfection, we tend to home in on the details of marketing initiatives and adjust them, based on measured performance. No matter how diligent you are about using A/B testing, there is one truth that cannot be changed and must be accepted:

User behavior is measured; human behavior is not.

The intuitiveness about online use provides the data needed to structure marketing campaigns. The quirkiness of human behavior cannot be adequately measured as it comes from individual thoughts, emotions and dreams that flow with changes in personal life circumstances.

Is there an A/B test available to measure that? Technology moves mountains…

Great A/B Testing Is Born with Purpose

Marketing content at its finest should inform, entice and draw engagement to elicit brand awareness, customer loyalty and commerce (direct, deferred and referred).

A/B testing isn’t meant to replace original campaign strategy or ideology, but to measure or tweak it. Based on performance numbers, your strategy, positioning and content can be realigned.

Imagine how much more your business could thrive, faster, by partnering with a one-stop digital shop that knows how SEO and creative content work best, collectively, from day one.

A/B Test Us

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Melanie Stern

Looking at the world through word-colored glasses, I am continuously in awe of how we evolve as people in business. We strive to communicate in a direct approach and, when we see fit, through subliminal channels. As a content strategist, I look forward to sharing all perspectives to help entertain, enlighten and engage more in others.

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GIF Images Are Clever Tools in the Right Marketer’s Hands

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Beginners Guide To GIF Images In Marketing - Eminent SEO

This site contains affiliate links, which means we could earn a commission on anything purchased through those links. See our full disclaimer here.

A Graphics Interchange Format image, better known as a GIF, consists of picture files compressed to decrease transfer rate. GIFs possess several pictures in one file to create an animated effect. GIFs are prevalent in modern day cyberspace because the images are quick to download and the animations are often entertaining. For marketers, animated GIFs can be incredibly useful for improving engagement online.

We’re not here to settle the GIF pronunciation debate: Does it sound like gift without the “t,” or should it be pronounced like the peanut butter brand Jif? Instead, we want to offer you a rundown of the types of GIFs available, how you can make your own, and the legal considerations involved in GIF sharing.

Prevalence of GIFs in Social Media

Although GIFs can be used in blog posts (such as this one) and in website content, people primarily think of these animated images in the context of social media conversations. Here’s a quick breakdown of how many GIFs are posted to different social media platforms, according to the New York Times:

  • Tumblr: An average of 23 million GIFs posted every day
  • Facebook Messenger: Roughly 5 million GIFs sent between users every day
  • Slack: More than 2 million GIFs sent between users each month
  • Twitter: More than 100 million GIFs shared in 2015

The Different Types of GIFs

Not all GIFs are created equal. Before you go attaching a GIF on a social media post or your website, it’s best to know the different types of GIF images and to make sure you’re using the right one for the right situation.

1. The Replay GIF

David Tyree Giants Super Bowl CatchThere was a time not too long ago when sports fans had only a couple  of opportunities to watch a replay of their favorite touchdown catch or slam dunk. It was either shortly after the play occurred via instant replay, or later during ESPN highlights. If you missed those windows of opportunity, your last option would have been hoping someone recorded it on VHS.

In the age of YouTube, those days are gone. GIFs, however, let fans replay highlights in a condensed format. The replay GIF changes the game by continuously looping virtually any notable footage – from last night’s game winning field goal to even a memorable scene from your favorite movie.

On Twitter, the official accounts for the NFL and NBA were recently using a high volume of Vine videos for replays. But with Vine supposedly on its way out the door, the NFL and NBA are slowly turning to GIFs and native Twitter video to highlight must-see moments.

Replay GIFs are not limited to entertainment. This style of GIFs can be helpful for the marketer who wants to share current company news or connect a current event to their business.

2. The Reaction GIF

Chris Pratt Andy Parks RecreationEmotions are studied on replay with the reaction GIF, which is arguably the most popular style on social media. Film and TV are the industries most responsible for content you’ll see in most reaction GIFs. Outside of Hollywood, reaction GIFs serve marketing industries by replacing textual replies with animations. For example, a creative GIF could be used as a social media reply.

Reaction GIFs are typically used to enhance whatever comment a user is making online. These looping images express whichever emotion the user is feeling or trying to convey at the time. No matter the emotion, reaction GIFs typically elicit a laugh out of the viewer, especially if the image is used in a clever way in reaction to a particular topic.

3. The Cinemagraph

Chicago Traffic CinemagraphThe cinemagraph is the black-tie affair GIF. More formal than its GIF relatives, the cinemagraph GIF is a still shot-animation hybrid. The viewer of this GIF doesn’t experience one event in a loop, but one event continuously progressing through time. In a cinemagraph, one element of the image is in motion while the rest stay still.

Because cinemagraph GIFs have a limited number of moving parts in the image, the viewer is left with a tranquil feeling. Travel and fashion companies gravitate toward the cinemagraph GIF because of its professional appearance and quiet tone. The visual benefits and complex consistency of the cinemagraph GIF demand advanced editing skills and usually begin with footage captured by a camera on a tripod.

4. Technical GIFs

Sea Level Pressure United StatesBrowsing through the internet for useful marketing data is no longer a painful chore thanks to technical GIFs. Technical GIFs transform boring figures into engaging content. These types of GIFs are especially useful for marketers who want to include statistics, diagrams or graphs for product summaries.

Technical GIFs are interactive, as opposed to a black-and-white graph on a PowerPoint slide. Video marketing combined with a technical GIF creates an even deeper animation experience.

5. The Perfect-Loop GIF

Max Monster Rainbow Loop - Eminent SEOWhereas the cinemagraph GIF is still and serene, the perfect-loop GIF is active and busy. This GIF consists of a seamlessly looped camcorder recording of an event. The final frame of the shot leads back to the initial frame without missing a beat. Even though the viewer relives the same 7-or-so seconds over and over, he or she can lose track of time due to the seamlessness of the GIF.

The perfect-loop GIF can be used to a company’s advantage. Since the loop is inherently nonstop, it can be used to market non-stop service. It can also be used to advertise a customer demonstration’s of a successful product.

How You Can Make GIFs Yourself

Creating a GIF doesn’t take a background in computer science, IT or engineering – nor is it limited to tech-savvy people. For example, if there’s a YouTube clip for which you can’t find a corresponding GIF, there’s an easy way to to turn that video into a looping image. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a YouTube clip to make a GIF out of.
  2. Type “gif” before the “youtube” portion of the URL. Press enter. This will transfer you to gifyoutube.com. You can use your originally selected YouTube video to make a new GIF.
  3. Pick the start and stop times and add a GIF title.
  4. Click “create GIF.”
  5. A preview of the GIF will appear. If pleased with the preview, use the new URL to share across the internet. If displeased with the preview, click “go back.”

If the looping image you’d like to create doesn’t have anything to do with YouTube, you can try one of these GIF-making online tools and see which one you find easiest to use:

And, of course, if you have reasonable skills in the Photoshop department, you can use that software to make a GIF out of original artwork, a series of still images, or any video file you’d like to upload into the program. Here’s Adobe’s guide on how to make GIF images with Photoshop.

160x600 In Doers We Trust

Sharing GIFs: Legal Considerations to Keep in Mind

Millions Of GIFs Posted To Slack Tumblr Facebook Messenger - ESEO

Legally, individual users are given a lot of slack when it comes to GIF creation and usage. Businesses, on the other hand, are not.

Companies must be aware of the legal restrictions of GIFs. Clashes over a GIF’s origin are judged according the doctrine of fair use. This doctrine allows copyrighted material to be edited and used for alternative purposes if the copy is derived from the original and does not compete financially for copyrighting rights.

The four factors considered in the doctrine of fair use for GIFs include:

  1. The intent of the GIF: Is it for profit or not for profit?
  2. The content of the GIF.
  3. The ratio of GIF used to copyright material.
  4. How the GIF would value the potential audience.

GIFs of well-known people – namely actors, celebrities and athletes – have strict publishing guidelines. Businesses intending to post a GIF of a celebrity should gain permission from everyone in the clip, the copyright owner, and the creator of the GIF.

If a business wishes to use an athletic GIF to show a game highlight or replay, there are high hurdles to clear. The MLB and NFL are fairly strict with their GIF policies. Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA do not allow GIFs at all. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects social media sites that post GIFs if a reporting structure is in place to eliminate content suspected of copyright violation.

For marketing companies, it’s best to follow these GIF-sharing suggestions:

  1. Obtain a written release. Contact the copyright owner and actors/celebrities present in the GIF for permission to share the GIF.
  2. Provide hyperlinks. Content shared by another should have a link to the original site. This protects the company using an unoriginal GIF and places the original site with the liability responsibility. Give recognition to the creator.
  3. Make your own GIFs. Creating a GIF bypasses the legal trouble. Instead of asking others for permission and risking legal ramifications, you won’t have to ask anyone permission to create your original GIF, and you won’t be under the threat of impending legal action.

We’re not saying you can’t use existing GIFs that involve movie scenes, sports footage, etc., but you’ll run the risk of legal action if you use one of these images with your business’s name behind it, especially if you stand to profit off anything associated with that particular image. Therefore, we advise being prudent with what type of GIF image you plan to use as well as the platform on which you will use it.

GIF Images Have Staying Power on the Web

GIF Laptop Collage - Eminent SEOGIF images can be profoundly useful when used correctly. Clever use of these animations can undoubtedly help a business reach and advance its goals. These images also add a smile and a laugh to a monotonous work day.

The graphics interchange format has actually been available since the 1980s, and tech experts have continually predicted that the format will lose favor on the web soon. Yet, thanks to Twitter and other social media platforms, GIFs have only seemed to become more popular and ubiquitous in recent years.

With so many GIFs circulating the web and even making their way into other mediums, such as text messages, these looping images have been embraced as a new way to communicate. What’s your favorite particular GIF image or style of GIF?

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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Six Years in the Making, Google Makes ‘Undo Send’ a Permanent Feature of Gmail

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reply all email - Eminent SEOWe’ve all probably done it: sent an email that we’ve like to have back. Whether it’s because we hit “reply all” on accident or wrote some things in the heat of the moment that we regret soon after, many emails have reached the wrong eyeballs since the advent of the online service.

Google has been working to give people a way out of a regrettable email send, and this week it became a reality for all Gmail users. Several news outlets reported that Gmail’s “Undo Send” has become an official feature of the web mailing service. NDTV Gadgets pointed out that the feature actually was announced six years ago, but that it was parked under the Labs section of Gmail, meaning Google employees had been testing it out but weren’t ready to promote it to the “General” section under Settings.

Where to Find Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’

You can find the “Undo Send” feature in the browser version of Gmail by pressing on the sprocket in the upper right-hand corner and clicking on Settings. “Undo Send” is the 10th item down on the list, and you’re going to have to click a box to enable it. From there, you can choose a buffer window of anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds before each email is officially shipped off. After you’ve sent an email and if you want to cancel it, you’ll see an option popping up on the screen asking you if you’d like to undo your latest outgoing message.

Now, you not able to pull an email out of a recipient’s inbox once it’s been delivered, but with the “Undo Send” feature enabled, you are able to give yourself a second chance to really think about whether the email should be sent in the first place and if you sent it to the right people. If only this feature were more pervasive years ago, then we wouldn’t have such reason to laugh about the erroneous “reply all” send, as was the subject of this memorable commercial that ran during the Super Bowl in 2011.

Why the ‘Undo Send’ Feature is Significant

Gmail is undoubtedly a leader in the world of free email services. Gmail leapfrogged Hotmail in 2012 for the most active monthly users among email providers, and the Google creation hasn’t looked back since. Hotmail, however, still has a slight lead for the most people worldwide searching for it, as Tech Times reported last September. Nonetheless, the industry looks to Gmail when it comes to email features, and with the “Undo Send” option’s rise to prominence, you can bet other email services are going to follow suit.

It’s worth noting that the office worker seen in the Bridgestone Tires commercial above was likely using an email service like Microsoft Outlook to send out the email in question. If only there were a way to recall it, huh? But, wait, Microsoft Outlook does have a similar, yet more roundabout way to rescind emails: You have to basically set up a delay period on all of your outgoing messages, and then you can go into your outbox and trash any email that you don’t want to be delivered. HowToGeek.com pointed out a long-winded way to set up the defer option in Outlook 2010, which will work similarly in the 2013 version. Even so, Outlook’s defer option is a far cry from the ease of Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature.

Final Thoughts

Even though “Undo Send” feels like it should have been around at least a decade ago – on any halfway decent email provider – there’s still a ways to go before the function is mainstream. Hopefully, other services will follow Gmail’s lead and implement their own easy-to-use versions of the feature, and then we’ll all have a second chance to undo any damage done by pressing “reply all” accidentally.

Do you have any funny stories about instantly regretting sending an email? Let us know in the comments below.

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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Why Your Sales and Marketing Team Should be Well Versed with Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

With the way consumers are buying products and services today, businesses should be changing the way they market to those consumers. Creating a long-term relationship with a customer is how businesses are approaching their sales and marketing strategies because it is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting qualified website visitors, nurturing those visitors with high quality content, converting visitors into leads, and delighting the leads to become loyal customers. Leveraging SEO, social media, blogging, landing pages, website calls to action, and email marketing will help increase the traffic to your website and nurture the traffic to convert into leads. Your sales and marketing team will need to understand this process in order to help grow your business.

Reasons Why Your Sales and Marketing Team Need to Know and Practice Inbound Marketing:

Because It’s Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

According to HubSpot, the average cost per lead from inbound marketing versus outbound marketing is 62% lower.

If you are still spending a large part of your marketing budget on direct mail or banner ads, you might want to re-evaluate the return on investment for those marketing outlets. Interruption marketing is a technique of the past and is continuing to fade out more each year.

Because Cold Calling Doesn’t Work

Cold calling can be extremely uncomfortable for those who are doing it. It’s awkward, especially if you don’t have an existing connection with the prospect. According to Business Insider, if your sales team calls 1,000 prospects, only 345 will actually return their calls if there is not an existing connection with the company. If there is an existing connection, 849 of those prospects will call back. Developing a relationship with a prospect is much more important than wasting time calling them right away. To build up a relationship you can easily request a connection on LinkedIn where your blog posts are shared. If they’re interested in your content, they will subscribe to your blog where they can continue to be informed.

Email marketing is a great substitute for cold calling because you can easily set up workflows in your system to automatically email subscribers with your latest and greatest content such as: latest industry news, blog posts, eBooks and case studies. When subscribers start becoming more interested in your content, they are transformed into a qualified lead. That’s when you can pick up the phone and call because you’ve already established that connection with your content.

Because Half of Online Shoppers Use a Search Engine to Shop

According to HubSpot, 44% of online shoppers will begin their product search with a search engine.

If your website isn’t ranking for the keywords your consumers would be searching, your business is missing out on a tremendous opportunity for sales. SEO is a large part of inbound marketing because it helps attract those searching for your product and leads them to your website. Your website should be optimized with valuable content to show off your unique selling proposition. In order to keep visitors engaged, your website should also have a call to action for users to take on each page. By having engaged website visitors, your website will easily be able to turn those visitors into subscribers and leads.

Because Social Media Helps Develop Business Relationships

According to HubSpot, social media produces 100% lead to close rate in comparison to outbound marketing.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with existing clients and also build up new relationships. You can easily leverage social networks to directly connect with other organizations in your area, develop potential partnerships in your industry, stay in front of existing clients, and share your content to attract new leads interested in your business. Social media is a great way to share your brand messaging with your audience. It’s also great for SEO since search engines love crawling fresh content and social signals are a plus.

Because Blogging Increases Organic Traffic and Leads

According to BlogHer, 61% of online consumers from the United States have purchased something based off of a blog recommendation.

Businesses who blog not only become the expert in their industry, but they attract potential customers. Blogging, SEO, social media all work together to attract and nurture leads. By blogging regularly, your website will have fresh content which is better for search engine crawlability, and your content will create buzz for social posts. That buzz could lead to helping your target demographic make a purchase decision. The blog will build trust and when it’s time to buy, they will trust your brand because your content showcases your industry expertise.

Because It’s 2015

We’re living in a digital age. Your sales and marketing team should be well-versed with today’s marketing trends and how consumers are buying. If your business is still mainly focused on outbound marketing and has not transformed into the new age of technology and consumer purchasing, your business won’t be able attract as many new sales as it could be. It’s okay if you don’t understand the new age of marketing because there are companies who can help that do this every day (Eminent SEO).

Bottom Line

When your sales and marketing team understand this process, your business should be able to easily attract qualified leads. Your marketing team is responsible for the content strategies while your sales team is responsible for nurturing the leads from the content strategies. Start thinking about the future of your business by incorporating this strategy for your team. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Ready to transform your business? Call our inbound marketing experts today to get started: 800.871.4130

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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RIP Google Keyword Tool: We Now Have the New Google Keyword Planner to “Love”

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Eminentseo -- RIP Headstone -- 08-28-13The SEO/SEM world has not taken kindly to Google’s new Keyword Planner that officially replaced the old AdWord Keyword Tool yesterday.

To use the Keyword Tool now users must login to an AdWords account in order to access the Planner. The Planner has no match type data for any search volumes (search volumes are displayed for exact match data only), ZERO device targeting, ZERO local vs. global monthly searches, and the AMAZEBALLS option to filter by “closely related” terms has been terminated.

Of course, the reactions aren’t 100% negative. There are new features like more geographic segmentation and the ability to bundle geographic regions that allow local SEOs and ad planners to drill down to the city level to get keyword search volume data.

Users are able to upload more keywords from their own lists (up to 10,000 keywords) to get performance data. The Planner will also show search volumes by ad group, landing page and any other categorization you set up.

Still, search volume differences between the two tools have been a source of anger, and the variances are due to two key sources of contention — match types and device types getting eliminated.

Google tells us:

“In general, you’ll notice that the average search volume data is higher in Keyword Planner as compared to the exact match search volume data you got with Keyword Tool. That’s because we’ll show you the average number of searches for a keyword idea on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones). With Keyword Tool, we showed you average search volume for desktop and laptop computers by default.”

Hopefully Google will continue to update the Keyword Planner and add our old fav “closely related” to the offering. If you are accustomed to the old tool, using the new Planner will be a major adjustment that you will likely have a love/hate relationship with. If the Planner stays the way it is this will for sure drive up a few sales numbers for all those competing keyword research tools on the market.

What tool do you use for Keyword Research?

Avatar for Chris Weatherall

Chris Weatherall

President and SEO Strategist Chris has over a decade and a half of website development, SEO and organic link building experience. He manages the strategy for each client and drives the search engine rankings and traffic Eminent SEO is known for. When you hire Eminent you hire Chris, which means you have a veteran organic search expert on your team. Oh, and he’s funny too!

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Tuesday Is Password Day

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May 7 Password Day

I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve had a new client come to me that has handed over their logins (user names and passwords) for their social sites and website and the passwords are super generic or even guessable based on some basic info I can either Google about the company or the owner.

90% of passwords are hackable

image source: Intel.com

Tuesday, May 7 – is Password Day. lntel has provided a tool that can help you find out if your password is hackable or uncrackable. After I took the tool for a spin looks like I’m guilty of having a hackable password and would take someone roughly 2 hours to crack my password.

I think one of the biggest pieces of advice that Intel provides about picking a password that is going to take some time to adapt to, is moving away from just one password.

Take a peek at the, How Strong is Your Password? tool page – and let us know in the comments below – are you hackable or uncrackable?

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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WordPress Launched Tutorial Site Learn.WordPress.com

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WordPress launched Learn.Wordpress.com, a tutorial site with a breakdown of 12 guides to help get a newbie user hitting the ground running with a WordPress site pretty easily. The site also gives some great insight of how to add plug ins and upgrades to existing sites.


WordPress features 3 stand alone sections to get you up and going even faster:

1. Get Going Fast:  A Checklist

Basically a breakdown of registering your site and getting all the pertinent information filled out in your official WordPress profile, while walking through the ‘basics’ of how to maneuver through the site.

2. Get a Homepage

You need a static homepage- this is where all the magic begins and you begin to break down where your audience will be directed from there.

3. Get Lingo

You should probably understand the general jargon of website creation and this lovely glossary of terms will help you do just that.

So there you have it, some basics to get you started but of course we’re here for support and to take care of all this messy setup for you in your time of need.We are of course a full service web marketing company, and offer an expansive list of services ranging from domain registration to website maintenance. Just give us a call (800) 871.4130,  so we can get to know your needs and get you started!


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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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3 Powerful Tools for Creating Awesome Info-graphics

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You want an info-graphic but you’re not exactly savvy when it comes to graphic design. Not a problem! There are options, and they aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Now who cares about info-graphics? Everyone! We’re over reading tired text to only skim for the numbers that count. We like a visual a lot like the one above. A nicely designed info-graphic with all the information laid out and easy to read.

We found 3 pretty powerful Tools for creating awesome info-graphics and even better, they’re free! Hope you find some use in these and have fun poking around!

1. Visual.ly


Visual.ly is the largest data visualization showcase, providing a datatbase of infographics created by other users, while allowing you to create your own, no design skills required.



2. Easel.ly


Create an infographic from a blank slate or with one of their easy to use templates. It’s still in beta, so for now their service is free, but don’t be surprised if this eventually changes.




3. Infogr.am


Clean and crisp interface, and an easy registration with Facebook. They have five free templates – You can upload your data to the site which then you can have translated into a static chart or interactive infographic.




Have you used, or are you currently using any of these tools? Have another tool, that we may have completely missed? Share below in the comments!


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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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How Mobile Augmented Reality Will Change the Lives of Everyone on the Planet

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Blippar future technology

A new movie trailer came out yesterday for the Will Ferrell movie “The Campaign.” If you want to watch the trailer, all you have to do is pull a dollar bill out of your pocket, aim your ipad, iphone, or android phone at the currency – using the app “Blippar” – and the dollar bill comes to life. Will Ferrell replaces George Washington on the bill and the various words and engravings turn into fighter jets and eagles soaring and many other “American things.”

This impressive technology comes from Blippar, a tech company in the United Kingdom, which has been hinting all over the web at the newest things they intend to become “Blippable.” The company considers it’s technology “highly advanced,” and promises that it will take us into a futuristic new world.

Blippar™ is a revolution for traditional print and marketing offering the power to turn every single piece of print or physical branding in the real world into an instantaneous digital, interactive experience,” Blippar proudly states.

Using image-recognition technology, Blippar is able to recognize quite quickly what is on your mobile device’s screen and then enhances the reality by making the environment interactive, allowing 3d images and videos to swirl around you.

After only a single hour of Blipping nearly everything I could find, I am as confident as Blippar staff is, that this technology will definitely change the world.

While there is not a wealth of information on the company or the product yet — the start-up is still in its infancy as they are perfecting the technology — there are many videos of what this app can do, and what they plan to do.

video blipper


Watch a video of “what exactly Blippar is,” and how it works.





blipper video


Watch a video of how Blippar turned Virgin Media Magazine completely interactive. Billionaire Richard Branson is excited to be using this technology and is devoted to pushing Blippar’s possibilities to its limits.



Blipper Video



Amazing video ad for Nissan/The Dark Night Rises.




Visit Blippar’s Official Website for more details, images, and demos.

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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New Media Marketing Questions You Should Be Asking

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Taking a fresh look at how best to implement SEO into your small business social media marketing strategy? Aiming to improve your Google and Bing organic rankings for your selected keywords? While it isn’t easy, there are a few common SEO-related questions you should be asking:

Is your web design up to date?
A well-designed, cutting edge web presence will engage readers, help your organic ranking and drive more traffic to your site, which will in turn increase your bottom line. If you’re hopelessly behind the times, talk to a web design firm that knows their stuff – you’ll see results.

Are you providing high quality blog content?
If you can’t write well, hire someone who can and pay them! Visitors who don’t find quality content will quickly continue clicking on through competitor sites until they find something worth reading. The most popular types of content for link sharing are “best-of” lists, video or text tutorials, and splashy infographics.

How much of your web traffic is actually converting?
Don’t waste time (and money!) competing for those high traffic keywords. Search and track keyword phrases which are less common and convert traffic to sales – that’s the whole point of web traffic anyway, right? It’s about quality, not quantity.

Are your keywords “key?”
Don’t waste time on global keywords if you’re a local business or utilize generic keywords which don’t prequalify interest. Rather, be as specific as you can and target a narrow client niche or location. Use location in keyword phrases, like “SEO Company Arizona”. Getting the people who are interested in what you’re selling, the specific info they need, that’s what created quality traffic that converts.

Are you optimizing for local visitors?
Optimizing your website for traffic in your own city or region means that search engines will handle searches differently than global searches, so include region or city specific keywords in your content, page titles and meta tag descriptions. You can also include city specific keywords in image file names.
Also include your address and local phone number on the header or footer on each page. Make sure these details match the info you have on your Google Places page. Don’t forget to register your business on Yelp and FourSquare with this same address and number too.

Are You Using Title Tags and Meta Descriptions?
Each web page on your site should have a unique title and focus on the keyword phrase which that  page is targeting. Carry your brand throughout your site while still focusing on specific keywords. A good working rule of thumb is Keyword Phrase | Company | Location or Keyword Phrase – benefit or unique value. Meta descriptions are a 160 character pitch for each page within search results, so include a compelling description which will trigger searchers to want to click on your listing in search results.

Are you using anchor text for internal links?
When you create internal links around your website, be sure to include specific keyword anchor text instead of generic calls to action such as “click here” or “read more” and the like. Google and the other search engines actually count internal links and use them to help determine what keywords your site should be ranking for in their result pages.

Are you switching up anchor text on all your backlinks?

Using identical anchor text repeatedly won’t fool the search engines! Select your target phrases (root keywords) and then find at least 10-20 good supporting secondary terms that include that root. Also, besides randomizing your keyword strategy, you can use “click here”, brand keywords, a direct URL link or other calls to action as your anchor text every once in a while to help keep your backlink portfolio looking natural.

We hope this helps! If you’re too busy, or this all seems like too much for one small business owner to handle, you can always consider outsourcing social media and search engine marketing. We’re here to help and we have solutions to fit every budget.

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Team Eminent SEO

Eminent SEO provides strategic SEO campaigns with measurable results along with expert website design, development, pay per click, content and social media and organic website marketing. 800.871.4130.

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