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Vol. 53: Contribute to Eminent’s Art Wall; Google Rolling Out ‘Local Business Cards’

Eminent SEO News: Art Wall to Support Local Arizona Artists Creativity comes in the form of inspiration. As a way to help inspire creativity in our office, we have officially started a new art wall that we plan to fill with custom artwork from some of the interesting and talented local artists we have here [...]
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Vol. 46: Google Local Pack Takes Over Top Spot, Best of ESEO’s August Social Media and Blog Posts

What’s New in SEO: Google Keeps the Top Spot to Itself in Local Search Early in August, Google implemented a fairly big shakeup in its search results by making its “local pack” more exclusive, as we explained on our Eminent SEO blog. More information about the local search feature has come down the pike since. [...]
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Google Reduces 7-Pack in Search to 3-Pack: What This Means for Local Businesses

Among all the changes happening at Google, the tech giant made a significant shakeup in local search earlier this month that kind of went under the radar. For starters, the company separated Google+ from YouTube, meaning you no longer have to have a G+ account to log in to YouTube. Then, Google+ Photos starting shutting [...]
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Vol. 43: ESEO New Hire, News and Magazine Websites Get an SEO Boost

Eminent SEO News The Eminent team continues to grow, as Content Manager Andrew Gilstrap started with us in May. Andrew assures the highest level of quality assurance for Eminent SEO and its clients by editing, writing and placing web content, including web content pages, blog posts, press releases and various video/image media. Learn More About [...]
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Alert For Fake Reviews on Yelp

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In an effort to crack down on fake reviews, Yelp announced a new consumer alert label in their blog last year that would appear on pages of businesses who were caught buying reviews (as shown below). “We caught someone red-handed trying to buy reviews…” Consumers also had the ability to click on the alert and see [...]
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When Local Isn’t Really Local

There are a lot of SEO and Marketing firms, agencies and companies in Arizona. We are one of them. The other day a new client asked me if he Googled “SEO Arizona” would we come up first? I said no, because we don’t target a limited geographical area – we are an online firm, so [...]
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